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Mall Melee Involving 100 Rowdy Teens

What's the matter with kids today?



    Mall Melee Involving 100 Rowdy Teens
    We doubt kids at the mall expected to see this used on them.

    More than 100 rambunctious teens turned the Westfield Trumbull into a giant mosh pit Saturday night, according to police. 

    Two teens were ultimately arrested for returning to the mall after being thrown out by security for allegedly bothering customers.

    The fight erupted at a bus stop outside the shopping center, said police, and ultimately grew to include more than 100 young people.

    Trumbull police say they had to call in Bridgeport and state police officers for backup and were forced to use a stun gun on a 17-year-old who allegedly charged at and knocked down an officer.

    The names of the two teens who were arrested were not released because of their ages. They were charged with breach of peace and interfering with police.