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Man Accused of Poisoning Boss's Oatmeal Due in Court



    Man Accused of Poisoning Boss's Oatmeal Due in Court
    William Lampron is accused of poisoning his boss' oatmeal.

    A former Waterbury parks department worker accused of poisoning his boss' oatmeal so the man would ease up on him will appear in court on Wednesday.

    Police said William Lampron, 43, of Naugatuck, laced his boss's oatmeal in October after an argument over the employee's job performance.

    "He was close to retirement and felt that everyone should ease up on him, ease into his retirement. However the supervisor was still making him work just as hard every day, so he was angry and this how he reacted," Captain Chris Corbett, of Waterbury Police, said.

    Lampron's supervisor began experiencing severe stomach problems after eating oatmeal that he kept in a canister in his desk, police said.

    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department

    Police said Lampron put SpeedyDry, which is used for soaking up spills on roadways, into the oatmeal.

    He was charged with felony assault and reckless endangerment.One of the ingredients in the substance was a carcinogen, crystalline silica, according to investigators.

    The supervisor, who has since recovered, suspected Lampron because he had been experiencing problems with him over his standard of work, police said.

    When detectives interviewed Lampron, he admitted to placing Speedy Dry in the supervisor’s oatmeal because he was angry with him, police said.

    Investigators determined that the amount of Speedy Dry the boss ingested was not life-threatening, but could cause extreme intestinal distress and does contain a known carcinogen.

    Lampron turned himself in to police on Wednesday and  and was released on $5,000 bond.

    Lampron had been on administrative leave from the city’s parks department, pending the outcome of the investigation, but resigned shortly before charges were filed

    There's no phone listing for Lampron and it's not clear if he has a lawyer, according to the Associated Press.