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Man Stabbed in Milford Also Facing Charges



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    Police have arrested the alleged victim of a stabbing in Milford earlier this month and charged him with breach of peace.

    The man accused of stabbing him, 21-year-old Gustave Meyers, was arrested June 3 and charged with first-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.

    Two weeks later, on June 18, officers arrested 49-year-old Michael Meahan, of Wiley Avenue in Milford. Police said Meahan and Meyers were involved in a dispute during which Meahan was struck by Meyers’ knife.

    Meahan’s injuries were non-life threatening but he needed surgery after the incident, police said.

    During a 911 call, Meyers reportedly told the dispatcher that he stabbed Meahan in self-defense. Witnesses said during Meyers' court appearance that Meahan stormed the house and started hitting Meyers and another friend.

    Two other people were also wounded in the fight: a 20-year-old woman whose hand was cut and a 21-year-old man who received other minor injuries, according to police.

    A protective order has been issued to keep Meyers from threatening the victims, police said.

    Meahan will appear in court July 15.