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Mass. Company Buys Grote & Weigel

Rachael’s Food Corporation, based in Chicopee, has bought the hotdog and sausage maker.



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    A more than 100-year-old local meat company that was in danger of closing has been saved.

    Rachael’s Food Corporation, a division of J. Polep Distribution Services of Chicopee, Massachusetts, has bought Grote & Weigel of Bloomfield.

    Grote & Weigel makes deli meats, hot dogs and sausages and sells them to restaurants, food service groups and consumers. In January, company officials said they would have to closed down in weeks.

    After a brief shut down, Grote & Weigel will resume production on Feb. 27.

    “Any time you have the opportunity to acquire a company rich in the tradition of manufacturing the finest quality of food products, you have to be excited.” Adam Kramer, the new president of Grote & Weigel, said.

    Rachel’s Food serves supermarkets, hospital, schools and colleges.

    Kramer said in a statement that he will retain the majority of the existing Grote & Weigel employees, including former owner Michael Greiner, who will continue on as a general manager.