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Mass Parties, Muddy Volleyball, Spring Weekend at UConn



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    It's a weekend of parties at UConn.

    Spring Weekend at UConn is here. It is a weekend often characterized by drinking and mass parties of 10,000+ people, despite the fact that the university does not sanction the parties, which occur at X-lot on campus and the Carriage and Celeron Apartments, located less than a mile off-campus. 

    There are, however, several events that provide students with alternatives to off-campus partying. This year will be the 27th anniversary of Oozeball, a mud volleyball tournament sponsored by the Student Alumni Association. Oozeball is also part of a larger event called, ‘Southapalooza’, so-named because it takes place on the South Campus lawn. There will also be a cook-out, a pie-eating contest, a Dunk Tank with UConn president Mike Hogan, and several local bands and musical acts that will be performing at Southapalooza, several of which will be part of the Spring Weekend Special put on by UCTV, the student-run television station, as part of the collaborative university event.

    For those that will be attending the off-campus parties, you might find it nearly impossible to park on campus. UConn Police Chief Robert Hudd told “Mansfield Today,” “We want to make it difficult, if they’re not a UConn student, to arrive, stay and park at UConn.”

    There will also be numerous DUI checkpoints and patrols set up around the area, and several roads will be closed or blocked throughout the weekend.

    Mansfield Mayor Betsy Paterson told “Mansfield Today” that the state and local police will have a central command center headquartered in UConn’s public safety building. She also said 90 nursing students at UConn have volunteered to look out for students in need of medical attention at the massive, and oftentimes rowdy, parties.

    Several members of the Undergraduate Student Government will be attending the parties to give out bagels and water in an effort to keep people hydrated and put food in their stomachs to offset the effects of excessive drinking.