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Making The Grade

Making The Grade

Masuk Robotics Team Teaching Life Lessons



    Masuk Robotics Team Teaching Life Lessons
    Students are learning life lessons while competing with the Masuk High School Robotics Team in Monroe.

    Robots have taken over Masuk High School in Monroe.

    While the machines are harmless, the students that make them could soon be taking over the tech world.

    The Masuk Robotics Team began four years ago, thanks to teacher William McDonough. The team is self-funded through sponsorships, and travels to competitions around the country,including an upcoming event in California.

    In all, the team has seven robots and 80 members.

    “I have kids that are captains of sports teams, all state cheerleaders, swimmers, soccer players, football players. I have members of the band, members of the literature magazine, I have special education students,” said McDonough.

    The team has to work together to be successful.

    “Everyone has a different role. There's the driver, which is me," said senior Chad Bauer. "There's a programmer. There are scouts, which at the competitions, go out and try to get the best alliances with other teams.”

    while most team members want careers in the sciences, the competitions require artistic creativity, negotiations with other teams to form alliances, and other skills with which the less mechanically-inclined can contribute.

    “We've done well, not necessarily because our robots are the best, but we’re very good with people. We don't just have a bunch of geeks. We’re very good at communicating, at making alliances, making friends,” said Colin Dablain, a senior who is set to enter the U.S. Naval Academy in the fall.

    It’s a combination of skills that McDonough hopes will set his kids apart as they enter the workforce, and beyond.

    “Think outside the box. Don't be happy with what we have. Find something new. Even if it fails, you can still make us move a step forward,” McDonough said.