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Measles Cases Reported in Connecticut



    2 cases have been confirmed in Fairfield County Doctors say it is possible the victims werent vaccinated They encourage everyone to get immunized to prevent getting the disease (Published Tuesday, March 11, 2014)

    Connecticut has two confirmed cases of measles in Farifield County, according to a spokesperson for the state Department of Public Health.

    DPH spokesperson Bill Gerrish said one patient is an adult and the other is an infant. The cases are not related and their origins are unknown.

    A letter sent to parents in the Region 14 school district advised parents of the cases. The letter, dated March 7, says school administrators were notified by the Pomperaug Health District. The towns of Bethlehem and Woodbury make up Region 14.

    Gerrish said the first patient developed a rash Feb. 2. The second patient's rash broke out Feb. 12.

    The incubation period for measles is 14 days on average. Measles cases are considered contagious from four days before the rash develops until four days after the rash goes away, Gerrish said.

    Measles is a highly contagious respiratory virus that is spread through the air. Patients develop a rash all over the body, as well as a fever, cough and runny nose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children can develop complications such as an ear infection or pneumonia. In rare instances, measles can be deadly in children, according to the CDC.

    Measles is easily transmitted and is so contagious that any child who is exposed to it and is not immune, will most likely develop the disease, according to the CDC.

    There have been recent reports of measles outbreaks in neighboring states, including 16 people who tested positive for the disease in New York City last week.