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Metro-North Service Restored After NYC Building Collapse



    Metro-North has restored full service to and from Grand Central Terminal following a building collapse in New York that halted trains for hours Wednesday.

    Trains are running at reduced speeds in the area of the explosion. Metro-North officials said earlier commuters should expect crowding and delays, but both the Harlem and New Haven lines were operating on schedule by 10 p.m. Wedensday.

    Two test trains, one on the Harlem Line departing Grand Central at 3:43 p.m. and a 3:47 p.m. New Haven Line departure, were sent out Wednesday afternoon to determine whether vibrations from the railcars would affect rescue efforts on the ground.

    Full service was restored to both lines this evening, according to the railroad. Hudson Line trains run from the Bronx only, which can be accessed via subway.

    Metro-North service was suspended for most of the day after two buildings collapsed in East Harlem.

    Three people died, dozens were injured and more are missing following the gas explosion that leveled the buildings and rattled upper Manhattan with a blast that could be felt blocks away, sources told NBC New York.

    The two five-story buildings at the northwest corner of 116th Street and Park Avenue in Harlem collapsed around 9:30 a.m., NBC 4 New York reports.

    Metro-North spokesperson Marjorie Anders said the blast scattered rubble across the tracks. Crews were at the scene this morning working to clear the tracks.  

    Metro-North customers traveling to New York City today will be taken to stations in the Bronx, where they can transfer to the New York City Subway for travel to Manhattan.

    NYC Transit will cross honor Metro-North tickets at those nearby Bronx subway stations.

    Customers who want to travel north today out of Grand Central Terminal should take the subway to specific points in the Bronx. 

    Listen for announcements at your station.

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