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Middlebury Police Fighting New Dispatchers



    The Police Union just sent a scathing letter to the Town Attorney saying the new dispatchers are making frightening mistakes. The Union Attorney claims police are getting sent to wrong addresses, and not given enough information. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013)

    Incompetent and irresponsible.

    That was how the Middlebury Police Union described the new dispatchers that send them to emergencies.

    The police union attorney, Craig Manemeit just sent a scathing complaint to the attorney for the Town of Middlebury.

    It was about the emergency dispatchers at the Northwest Connecticut Communication Center. It claimed the workers have made some frightening mistakes.

    In the letter, Manemeit cited at least a dozen instances since September. He said officers were sent miles in the wrong direction to an accident with injuries.

    Cops were sent to hazardous calls without getting critical information on possible danger. He also said some dispatchers were not trained, and couldn’t help officers in a time of crisis.

    “I live in one of the remote parts of town,” explained Bill Blaschke. He was alarmed to hear the allegations, and worried if Middlebury Police would even make it to his place if there was an emergency. “Most people don't even know we exist out there,” Blaschke added.

    NBC Connecticut reached out to the dispatch center, the attorney for Middlebury, and the First Selectman, but no one returned multiple calls and emails.

    The Middlebury Police Union told NBC Connecticut dispatchers needed to work at the Middlebury Police Department.

    It said they used to be there, but the town recently got rid of them, and now contracted out to the dispatch center in Prospect.

    The union feared the place was too far removed, and so did some residents.

    “I think its unsafe to have people dispatching that don't know anything about our town,” explained Ray Caruso.

    Police said they wanted this to change. The attorney for the police union told NBC Connecticut he was still waiting for a response from the Town of Middlebury.