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Mixed Reviews on UConn Campus Move



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    UConn Greater Hartford Campus will soon finally have a new home.

    "I feel like it would be nicer," Brenda Gomez, a freshman, said.
    On Wednesday the university announced a preliminary deal to relocate to the Hartford Times building in the up and coming Front Street District in Hartford.
    Some students are concerned about traffic and parking at the new campus.
    "I think it would be easier for a lot of people to avoid the traffic if they stay here," Carissa Bernard, a sophomore, said.
    UConn officials are working on trying to secure a parking garage nearby.
    The current West Hartford campus is spread out and in a more remote location but it's old.
    UConn and the City of Hartford disagreed on the spot but eventually settled on the Times building.
    "Yes, I'm very excited about it," Timothy Lim, the student government president, said. "It's good that Hartford is moving back to its original place, its home."
    He said students are being asked to give their input on the project.
    "The university itself is involving students cause we feel we are the ones who are going to be hit a lot by this project," Lim said.
    The influx of more than 3,000 students to downtown Hartford will inevitably bring more traffic. Those who work nearby said it will be worth it.
    "I think that will be offset by some of the economy that will be brought to the area," Jeff Escott, a man who works in downtown Hartford, said. "We need some more life down here, especially some younger life."