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Mom Granted New Trial in Toddler’s Death



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    A Winsted woman who was sentenced to 35 years for killing her toddler is heading home thanks to a call her ex-boyfriend’s lawyer made to a court disciplinary council.

    Kimberly Mawson was sharing an apartment in Warwick, Rhode Island with her then-boyfriend, Daniel Fusco, in 2002 when Mawson’s baby suffered fatal injuries, the Providence Journal reports.

    On Dec. 2, 2002, the baby, 19-month-old Jade, collapsed and doctors learned she had a broken rib, a torn intestine, bruises to her head, chest and back and a vaginal injury, the Journal reports. She died two months later.

    The coroner testified the toddler died of blunt force trauma injuries to her head and body in 2002.   

    In October 2007, Kimberly Mawson was found guilty of the child’s brutal death, the newspaper reports.

    At the time, the judge called Mawson, "a cold hearted murderer, a dangerous person who refused to come to grips with the fact that she killed the baby to who she initially gave life," the Journal reports

    But, through the trial, defense attorney Kevin Bristow maintained it was Fusco who committed the crime. Prosecutors had made a deal with him to testify against Mawson in exchange for dropping drug charges against him.

    But last week, the Rhode Island Supreme Court ordered the Superior Court to hear a motion for a new trial after Richard K. Corley, the lawyer for Mawson’s ex-boyfriend, contacted the high court disciplinary counsel David M. Curtin, the Journal reports.

    He said Fusco had said in 2002 that he had lied to the police and that he was responsible for the child’s death, the Journal reports, citing an emergency motion asking that Mawson be released on bail.

    If Mawson, now 39, is able to make bail, she will be released with restrictions limiting her travel. She is expected to return to Winsted.

    No new trial date has been set.

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