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Mom's in Search of Daughter's Missing Wedding Gown



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    Greenwich Time
    The Greenwich Time took these photos of Little’s actually dress, on the left, and the one in the box, on the right.

    Today is Joanna Little’s 10-year wedding anniversary and her family is trying to solve the mystery of a wedding dress mix-up.

    In July 2000, Little’s mother, Kathryn Culp, dropped her white, sleeveless dress off with dry cleaner on West Putnam Avenue in Greenwich to have it cleaned and preserved and picked it up soon after the drycleaner called.

    For years, Little’s dress remained inside a gold box with a window inside a bigger cardboard box.

    “You just never think to open it,” Culp said.

    Five years ago, Little did open the box and quickly realized it was not hers.

    Instead of Little’s David’s Bridal gown with lacy straps, there was a Lady Eleanor dress with short sleeves, a small bow at the waist and ends of the sleeves and pearl-studded flowers on the body, the Greenwich Time reports.

    Little called her mother and Culp started investigating, She soon learned that the dry cleaner had closed.

    Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

    While talking to liquor store employees next door, she heard the drycleaner might be working with another dry cleaner, but that lead turned up nothing.

    “In know mistakes happen and I was not interested in getting money back for the dress. I just wanted to resolve the mix up,” Culp said.

    Today, June 17, is Little’s 10th anniversary, and the family is trying to unite the dress with its rightful owner and, perhaps, find Little’s dress in the process.

    So, Culp contacted the Greenwich Time to spread word about the dress.

    “I’m not going to hold onto this dress forever,” she said.

    Finding the dress now would be idea, since Little and her husband are making the trip to see Little’s mother.

    "Maybe there is someone in town who hasn't opened up their box and doesn't know they don't have the right wedding dress,” Culp told the newspaper. “I don't want to get rid of the dress without trying to see if I can locate the rightful owner."

    Can you help get the dresses to their rightful owners? E-mail us here