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Moose Sightings on the Rise

State warns that could mean trouble for drivers.



    Moose Sightings on the Rise

    With a growing number of Moose sightings in Connecticut, the state is warning drivers to be on the lookout.

    A moose was spotted on Porter Hill Road in Trumbull Monday, near Route 25 and the Merritt Parkway, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. Last week people reported seeing moose near I-84 in Waterbury and Bethel.

    There are approximately 100 moose living in Connecticut, according to the DEP. Most live in northern Connecticut towns, but they can travel long distances, the DEP said.

    There have been several moose-related accidents in northern Connecticut, but with the animals migrating south in the state, experts are concerned that the moose will make their way to more populated areas with more traffic. That would increase the likelihood of the moose wandering onto busy highways.

    The DEP is warning drivers to stay alert, especially around dawn and dusk when the moose are most active. The animals also tend to be active from May to July and again from September to November.

    Anyone who spots a moose is asked to report it to the DEP hotline at 860-424-3333.