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More Drivers Report Contaminated Gasoline



    The owner of the Speedy Food Mart in Hartford says at least 7 customers have reported engine problems after filling up with contaminated gasoline between last Thursday and Sunday He says water somehow got into the supply and he will pay for the damage (Published Friday, Feb. 28, 2014)

    More people have come forward, claiming contaminated gasoline has ruined their cars’ engines.  It was sold at the Speedy Food Mart on New Britain Avenue in Hartford.

    Filling up at the Speedy Food Mart was something a few customers were worried about. “Yeah I am...I am,” said Gary Henderson.  The high grade gasoline is contaminated because water somehow got in the tanks. 

    The owner told NBC Connecticut at least 7 customers had come in reporting engine problems.  They were at the pump sometime between last Thursday and Sunday. “I don't deal with it I’ve dealt with that one time and it destroyed my engine,” explained Tito Caraballo.

    Repairs could cost those drivers thousands of dollars.  The owner said he would reimburse them but he needed proof of purchase and a receipt from the mechanic.  Also, for now he was only selling regular gasoline until he pinpoints how water got in the supply.

    “It’s not only unfortunate…but it's so common,” said Lou Kugell, who specializes in automotive chemicals.  He works closely with repair shops and said premium fuel gets contaminated more often than people might think. “It's a big process,” Kugell explained. 

    It was a big process for the gas stations to deal with, and the drivers affected by the tainted gasoline, because it’s not a quick fix. “If the percentage of water is so great nothing’s going to help it except for flushing the fuel tank,” Kugell added.

    He suggested anyone who filled up at the Speedy Food Mart during those times in question, to get their car checked even if it wasn’t having problems.

    The Better Business Bureau said it received several complaints about bad gasoline in recent days from customers at the Speedy Food Mart.  If you’re affected, the BBB wants to hear from you.