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More Suits Filed in Middletown Plant Explosion



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    Gas line purge expected Thursday in Middletown.

    Lawyers for nine people who were hurt of killed in the Kleen Energy power plant explosion in February said they are suing companies involved in building and overseeing the facility.

    The suits, which will be filed on Thursday in Middletown Superior Court, allege that Kleen Energy Systems and some of its contractors failed to take precautions to prevent the Feb. 7 blast that killed six workers and injured 50.

    The Middletown plant was under-construction when something ignited natural gas and air that had accumulated while high-pressure gas was forced through pipes to clean them. Effects from the blast were felt for miles.

    In the months following the blast, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration imposed $16.6 million in fines against companies involved in the blast, though the largest companies say they're appealing.

    Several additional suits have been filed.

    In February, two electricians injured in the blast filed a lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court, blaming three companies for a breakdown in safety procedures. Timothy Hilliker, 36, of Glastonbury, and Harold Thoma, 33, of Bolton, filed the lawsuit on Monday against O & G Industries, Inc., Keystone Construction & Maintenance Services, Inc. and Kleen Energy Systems, LLC.

    In March, Benjamin Lee of Wallingford filed a suit, accusing contractor O&G Industries of negligence.

    Also in March, two electrical workers with Ducci Electric who were injured won worker compensation claims.

    Seven carpenters filed a suit over injuries.

    Nicholas Novik, 52, of River Vale, New Jersey, filed a suit in August. He was testing instruments when the explosion happened.

    Also in August, a lawsuit was filed in August on behalf of 35 homeowners who said their homes were affected by the explosion.