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More Taxes to Come Out of Your Pay

Your paycheck will be smaller next week.



    More Taxes to Come Out of Your Pay
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    Starting next month, employees across Connecticut will notice less money in their take-home pay because the amount taken out for state taxes will increase.

    "We've been telling people this since mid-May, right after the Legislature acted. We've been putting information out there. But I still suspect some people will be surprised when they see because it's a catch-up," Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan said.

    The tax increase is retroactive. Therefore, 12 months of taxes have to be paid in five months.

    If you are a single or joint filer earning $50,000 a year, you'll pay $200 more for the rest of the year. The same goes for joint filers earning $100,000.

    However, if you're a single filer earning $100,000, you'll pay about $600. The people bearing about 66 percent of taxes will be those making more than $250,000.

    "The bottom line is that there will be people in the state who are going to see more taken out for their taxes across the board, and certainly more taken out in order to catch up," Sullivan said.

    That doesn't sit well with taxpayers.

    Melissa Pytlak, of Hamden, is a teacher and doesn't receive a paycheck until the fall.

    "Not getting paid until September, I know I'm going to be taxed retro until January, so there's going to be a good chunk coming out of my paycheck that I'm not normally anticipating," Pytlak said.

    However, some people said the tax increase is something they will bear, as long as the revenue is going somewhere worthwhile.

    "It's really kind of a tricky thing. No one likes to pay more, but if it's benefiting the city, benefiting the people, benefiting the state, sometimes I'm OK with it. But I really need to look into what it's going toward and stuff," Scott Hazan, of Hamden, said.

    Commissioner Sullivan also said employees should ensure that their employers are taking out the right amount for the tax increase. Otherwise, they'll be hit with a big bill come April.

    This is the withholding table