Murphy Has 5-Point Lead in Rasmussen Poll

Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Chris Murphy are competing for Senate in 2012.

A Rasmussen Report poll released on Tuesday shows Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy has with a five-point lead over Republican former WWE CEO Linda McMahon in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race.

The telephone survey was conducted on Sunday after the candidates debated that morning.

Murphy earned 51 percent support, McMahon earned 46 percent support, 2 percent favor another candidate in the race and 1 percent is undecided.

Rasmussen has Connecticut leaning Democrat in this election and six states are considered toss-ups.

Murphy’s lead comes largely from “leaners,” or people who initially indicate no preference for either of the candidates but indicate they are leaning toward one candidate when asked a follow-up question.

Without leaners, Murphy earned 46 percent and McMahon earned 45 percent.