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New Image Heating Up Cold Case

Police hope to learn the identity of a woman murdered 20 years ago.



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    New Britain Police
    Police hope someone will recognize the woman in these images and help them identify a "Jane Doe" who was killed 20 years ago.

    New Britain Police released a new 3D image Thursday of a woman murdered more than 20 years ago.

    Her murder has gone unsolved and no one has come forward to identify her. She is known only as Jane Doe.

    Her badly decomposed body was found near railroad tracks a short distance from Myrtle Street Oct. 11, 1991. She had been shot in the head, and may have been dead anywhere from three weeks to four months before she was found, according to police.

    "She's somebody's daughter.  She's somebody's friend, and I know she was missed and probably still is missed," Capt. James Wardwell said.

    Jane Doe is believed to be white or Hispanic and in her late 20s. She was approximately 5'5" tall and around 130-135 pounds, with straight black hair, police said. When she was found, she was wearing a colorful jumper style dress with a panda bear pattern.

    New Britain police have been working with the FBI for several years to develop an approximation of what Jane Doe looked like on the day she died. The 3D image released Thursday is the latest in a series of images put together by the Visual Arts Unit in the FBI Lab in Quantico, Virginia.

    "We provide them with a genetic profile, a DNA profile.  We provide them with measurements of the skeleton and the actual skull and from that they use computer technology," Wardwell said.

    Police hope someone will recognize Jane Doe and come forward to tell them who she was.

    A similar 3D image was released of a different Jane Doe in 2009. After viewing that image, someone came forward to identify that woman as 55-year-old Diane Cusack. Her body was found in a wooded area off Route 9 in 2007.

    Anyone who recognizes this Jane Doe is asked to call New Britain Police at 860-826-3065.