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New Britain Police Investigate Random Attacks



    Police say three people were randomly attacked in a neighborhood off of South Main street and they resemble the knockout game. That's where a group of teens walk up to someone, then one of them knocks out the victim with a single punch. (Published Saturday, June 14, 2014)

    Police in New Britain are investigating after three people were randomly attacked on the street. All of the crimes are happening at night, in a neighborhood just off South Main Street.

    Police say these crimes resemble the “knockout game,” a game where the objective is to knock the victim unconscious by hitting the person in the head. Attackers aim to knock out innocent victims in one hit, just for fun. The game is gaining popularity across the country.

    NBC Connecticut spoke to a neighbor who witnessed two of these attacks. She wished to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation. She spoke about the frightening attacks by her home near Cornelius and South Main in New Britain. “It’s scary, I always have to have my eyes behind my back,” she said.

    That woman told NBC Connecticut last Friday night she watched a group of teens knock a man down for no reason. She claimed the victim was standing by his car when the teens approached him. “They acted like they were looking for something and came down the street and just punched him right in the jaw,” she added.

    When they took off, she called 911 and ran over to help. She said she witnessed a similar crime the next night. “A woman was walking. Two girls came from behind and pushed her and they took off running,” she said.

    She admitted the random nature of the attacks had her and other neighbors on edge. “Very scary…I'm scared to come out and to go to the store...I’ve never had this problem before,” she said.