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New Britain Raises Taxes Following Budget Passage



    New Britain Raises Taxes Following Budget Passage

    Property owners in New Britain will soon be paying 11 percent more in their tax bills.

    The increase is the result of the new $216 million budget that the City Council passed on Thursday.

    “It is not an ideal situation. It is certainly not the situation I want to be put in but it is necessary,” says New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart.

    According to Mayor Stewart the city has been in the red for far too long. She knows the solution will not be a popular one, but says she is ready for the repercussions.

    “I truly believe that it is the first step in putting New Britain back on solid financial ground and moving us forward to the future.”

    Some long-time New Britain residents like Richard Iskra disagree. Iskra says what looks like a step forward could actually move the city two steps back.

    “This isn’t a rich city. This isn’t Glastonbury or Farmington where people have a lot of money. I just do not think it is right," he said.

    Iskra is one of many in New Britain who have had to cut back elsewhere to cover everyday expenses. He says it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford life in Connecticut and is eyeing potential living options down south.

    “If you are a working person it is getting worse and worse. For New Britain to do this to the people of New Britain is just terrible,” Iskra said.

    Mayor Stewart says it is simply New Britain’s reality, and reality is not always easy.

    “Doing what is right doesn’t always mean you are doing what is popular,” Stewart said.

    The tax increase is set to take effect on July 1.