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New Fire Chief in New London



    New Fire Chief in New London
    New London Mayor's Office
    Henry Kydd is the new fire chief of New London.

    With "serious cuts" on the way in city government spending, New London's mayor swore in a new fire chief, Henry Kydd, the acting fire chief since October.

    "It's a relief to have the job, to be not secondguessed about whether I was gonna get it or not," said Kydd, a New London firefighter since 1978. "The mayor was confident in me."

    Mayor Daryl Finizio called Kydd "almost overqualified" after swearing him

    New London's money from the state government stands to be less than it was last year, when Finizio threatened to layoff police and firefighters. 

    He said this year, balancing the budget will "require serious cuts, throughout the city, along with tax increases."

    Finizio said he's been working with department heads, including Kydd. and with members of the city council "to ensure that this difficult process is as constructive as it can be."