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New Haven Police Arrest Robbers, Uncover Zipgun Manufacturer



    New Haven Police Arrest Robbers, Uncover Zipgun Manufacturer
    One of the zip guns recovered by New Haven police.

    After arresting three juveniles in connection with neighborhood robberies, New Haven Police uncovered an illegal “zip-gun” operation.

    On Wednesday, New Haven police took three juveniles into custody under suspicion that they committed two weekend robberies in the East Rock area.

    The first robbery was committed English Drive and in the second in the area of State and Humphrey St.

    When the suspects were apprehended on State St., one of them was in possession of a “zip-gun.”

    According to Zip Factory, a legal manufacturer of zip guns, a “zip-gun” is a crude weapon often made by someone not authorized to manufacture hand guns.

    They are usually designed to fire a low power cartridge and most are a .22 caliber or 12 gauge. In many cases, a rubber band is used to propel the firing pin to ignite the cartridge.

    According to New Haven Police, after interviewing the robbery suspects and taking the “zip gun” into evidence, police searched a home on Mountain Ridge Road.

    There they found another assembled “zip gun” and components intended for future assembly.

    The juvenile at that home was arrested and later told police that he had manufactured and sold as many as a dozen operational “zip-guns.”

    New Haven Police are warning residents that “zip-guns” are crude weapons that pose a threat to both the victim and the shooter.

    There is a possibility that the weapon could explode or misfire. Anyone in possession of one is at great risk.

    Police are asking for anyone who knows someone in possession of a “zip-gun” or knows of the whereabouts of such a weapon to call detectives at 203-946-6304.

    Callers may remain anonymous.