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New Haven Police Looking to Hire 100 Officers



    New Haven Police Looking to Hire 100 Officers

    Members of the police academy were on the streets of New Haven looking for new recruits Wednesday afternoon.

    "We're the New Haven Police Department. We're actually hiring until the end of the month," said Garry Monk, who's been in the academy for 24 weeks.

    Monk and more than 40 rookies walked the streets not to patrol but to recruit as the department is looking to hire 100 officers.

    "I actually like it. We're actually out in the community and new haven's key thing is community policing," said Monk.

    "Who would know better what the academy is about and what being a police officer is about than the people in the academy right now," said Sergeant Anthony Campbell, the Police Academy's Executive Officer.

    The newest men in uniform walked through every neighborhood--including in Wooster Square and Dixwell--passing out fliers and door hangers.

    "You get them outside. You get them talking with people," Campbell added, noting that the majority of their job is dealing with people, not equipment. "It involves the equipment that god gave you. Your mouth. Your intelligence."

    Recruitment officials tell us residents throughout the city have been receptive to this effort.

    "It's good for people who live in the neighborhood, seeing police actually caring and coming and talking and recruiting people just off the street," said Racquel Sherwood, who works in New Haven.

    Garry Monk is from the Elm City originally but says this recruiting helps him get to know the city even better, while still trying to find a new rookie.

    "People are enjoying talking to us…saying we need more of you guys out here," said Monk.

    If you want to apply you can go down to the academy on Sherman Avenue and pick up an application. You can also download it online. Police tell us they're continuing their recruiting efforts the next three days weather permitting.