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New Health Insurer Ready for Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act has spawned a new health insurance company in Connecticut.

Healthy CT promises affordable care with personalized service.

"I think it's an opportunity to build something unique and innovative," Ken Lalime, CEO of Healthy CT, said.

This is the state's newest health care insurer. It's a not for profit co-op, set up because of the ACA.

They're trying to create what they call a consumer friendly company.

"The consumers actually have an opportunity to run an insurance company in the State of Connecticut," Lalime said. "That just is unprecedented."

The Wallingford headquarters has been continuously expanding. Currently there are 32 employees and they're adding about 2 per week.

Healthy CT will be one of a handful of companies that will provide insurance on the newly created health care exchange. Starting October 1, people who don't have insurance can go to the exchange and sign up for a variety of plans.

Lalime said their added presence in the marketplace is helping to keep rates competitive.

"We think it's great that all the companies have come forward and put rates on the table that are very competitive," he said.

Healthy CT was formed using $74 million in federal funds. That money must be paid back to the feds in five years.

Skeptics wonder how effective a new insurer can be.

Lalime said they're hoping a consumer-driven focus will help them to stand out.

"We think a new player in the marketplace will be looked at as a new opportunity," he said.