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New Hurricane Insurance Guidelines Being Considered



    New Hurricane Insurance Guidelines Being Considered
    Tom Chase waves atop of his friend's beach home in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, in East Haven, Conn., Monday, Aug. 29, 2011. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

    The state Insurance Department is revising guidelines for so-called hurricane deductibles, a process that started shortly after Tropical Storm Irene, the Hartford Courant reports.

    George Bradner, director of property-casualty at the Insurance Department, told the paper that the new rules would allow insurers to offer higher deductibles only if sustained, hurricane-force winds of 74 mph or stronger hit the state.

    Current rules allow insurers to charge higher deductibles from the time the National Hurricane Center issues a hurricane warning for anywhere in the state to 24 hours after the warning is terminated, or 24 hours after the hurricane is downgraded for Connecticut, which was the case for Tropical Storm Irene.

    After Irene battered the state Aug. 28 and many Connecticut homeowners were angry because some insurers imposed higher deductibles while others did not. Some insurers waived deductibles and others had policies that didn't consider Irene a hurricane.

    Changing the guidelines requires the approval of the Insurance Department and Commissioner Thomas Leonardi and does not need a legislative vote.