New Laws Include E-Cigarettes Bans, Heightened Reckless Driver Penalties and Fines for 'Robo' Calls

New Laws on E-Cigarettes, Reckless Driving and 'Robo' Calls

Several new laws will go into effect Wednesday, including heightened penalties against reckless drivers and e-cigarette bans for minors.

Drivers who seriously hurt or kill a pedestrian or biker will be fined as much as $1,000 on top of any other possible consequences. Over the past six years, 10,793 people were seriously hurt or killed by reckless drivers in Connecticut, according to a news release from Bike Walk Connecticut citing federal and state records. The law was signed in May.

E-cigarettes will now also be banned for minors. New safety checks will now be required for ski lifts. The legislature has also raised the fine for "robo" calls for "commercial, business or advertising" purposes from $500 to $1,000.

Gas stations will also be required to display information on the gas pump about whether debit card users will be given cash discounts or have to pay the credit card price.

For more information on the new laws, visit Connecticut General Assembly's website.