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New CT Snowfall Record May Have Been Set



    New numbers from the National Weather Service indicate that Ansonia may have set a state record snowfall from the February blizzard.

    Some neighbors recorded time lapse video as the snow fell to document the severity.

    “It was insane, I knew there was going to be a lot so I set up a time-lapse,” a man on Hull Street said.

    The National Weather Service just announced one of its registered observers measured 36 inches of snow in Ansonia over 24 hours. If it’s true, that would be an all-time high in Connecticut.

    Ansonia Snow Record

    [HAR] Ansonia Snow Record
    The blizzard of 2013 may turn out to be a record-setter. The National Weather Service is investigating a report that 36 inches of snow fell in Ansonia in 24 hours.
    (Published Tuesday, March 19, 2013)

    “This is a long standing record that we haven't come close to in 115 years. It looks like Ansonia was able to do it,” said NBC Connecticut Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan. “That's something I don't think that’s a record we really want,” Hanrahan added.

    Hanrahan said Middletown was the last to set a snow record with 28 inches, that was in 1897.

    Ansonia’s Mayor James Della Volpe wasn’t surprised about possibly making history. He said the blizzard in February was unlike anything he had ever seen. City crews cleared so much snow from the streets it was still piled up almost 10 feet high.

    “The snow was coming down so fast and so quick,” Della Volpe added.

    All of the snow has taken a toll on the city. The Mayor said blizzard cleanup cost more than $300,000. Even more snow in March hurt the budget even more and he asked for federal assistance.

    “First time in my 14 years as mayor we have to hit our reserve funds to cover this,” Della Volpe explained.

    After the recent snow storms and a potentially record breaking blizzard, people in Ansonia said they needed a break from winter weather.

    “I wouldn't care if I ever saw snow again. I'm over it,” said Anna Andretta.

    A committee will look at the findings from the National Weather Service and determine if Ansonia did break the state record.

    there is no word on how long the investigation would take.