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New State Groundhog



    New State Groundhog
    Lutz Children's Museum welcomes "Chuckles VIII" the state groundhog.

    The Halloween decorations are out and stores are starting to put their Christmas decorations up, but the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester is already thinking about Groundhog Day.

    The new official state groundhog is Connecticut Chuckles VIII. She is about 5 months old and replaces Chuckles VII, who died earlier this year.

    The rodent is already living in Manchester at the children’s museum and you can visit her in the animal exhibit as well as see her eat, nap and play. 

    The groundhog was found in a Vernon parking lot when she was just a baby and doctors determined she would not be able to live in the wild.

    “Chuckles VIII” will join a long line of weather-predicting rodents when she makes her first prediction on Feb. 2, 2013.