Newtown Residents Start a Grassroots Effort After the Tragedy - NBC Connecticut

Newtown Residents Start a Grassroots Effort After the Tragedy



    A grassroots group of Newtown residents met Monday evening to talk about ways to move forward after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    Newtown United was formed on Sunday. These folks are determined not to sit in silence.

    "People want to take action together," Ben Roberts, said. "They want to know what the next steps are. Find some way to make meaning out of this senseless and awful tragedy."

    About fifty people openly discussed things like gun control laws and mental health issues.

    One man spoke up and said the town should ban all assault weapons.

    A parent said people in town should come up with ways to permanently memorialize the victims.

    "I think a memorial garden would be a wonderful way to bring something to the community," Barbara Toomey, said.

    The meeting was an open forum where anyone could share their thoughts. Organizers are hoping the word will spread around town.

    This small Connecticut community doesn't want to be known for this tragedy, but they don't want people to forget what happened here.

    "Especially with the whole world watching, we're not going to sit on our hands," Roberts, said.

    Newtown United started a Facebook page on Sunday to help spread the word.