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Newtown Shooting Search Warrants to be Released Thursday



    Newtown will once again confront that horrible December day on Thursday as search warrants are released. They could provide a glimpse into the world of 20 year old Adam Lanza.

    "I don't know if it really helps," said Katja Pieragostini, who not only has daughter at another elementary school in town but knows some of the affected families. "For people that want to find out the information it's good that they have it; for me personally it really doesn't matter either way."

    Yet it might matter to the parents and relatives who lost loved ones in Sandy Hook. The search warrants are expected to provide information into the life of the 20 year old Lanza--particularly the Newtown home where he killed his mother, Nancy.

    State police and local officials briefed the Newtown families on how to handle the release of these search warrants at the Newtown Municipal Center Wednesday night.

    Newtown Families Prepare For Release Of Search Warrants

    [HAR] Newtown Families Prepare For Release Of Search Warrants
    The family members of those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting, prepare for the release of search warrants containing new details about the massacre.
    (Published Wednesday, March 27, 2013)

    "I think it causes them to revisit the pain they felt 3 months ago," said Newtown Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson.

    She insists it'll be an emotional day for parents, students and teachers. "It's really too bad when we go on this path of healing to have these things that come back to us and remind us and take us back to the events again. It's hard."

    "More information about what happened is helpful," said Jeff Capeci, chairman of Newtown's Town Council.

    Yet that information won't include the name of a witness, telephone numbers and a few paragraphs of the affidavit. A judge agreed with prosecutors to black out those details.

    Families of the Sandy Hook victims met at the municipal center for more than two hours with state and local police on Wednesday to talk about the warrants and how to handle the news.

    "Obviously the people who are effected need to get it before the general public," Capeci added.

    The investigation into the mass shooting is not expected to be complete until June.