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No Mail Delivered to Meriden Apartments for Weeks



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    Residents of an apartment complex on Cook Street in Meriden say their mail hasn't been delivered in more than a month.

    It’s been weeks since mail has been delivered to one Meriden apartment complex, and residents are frustrated.

    According to the post office, mailboxes at 32 Cook Avenue have been out of commission for several weeks due to safety issues, and some tenants believe the mailbox may have fallen on a postal worker.

    “We have to walk all the way to the post office, either forward our address or pay $30 for a P.O. box,” said Brittany Broussard, who lives in one of more than 70 apartments in the complex.

    Broussard said her mail hasn’t been delivered in two and a half months.

    Another tenant, who is wheelchair bound, moved out because of it.

    “I had to go all the way to North Haven to get my checks and all that,” said Eddie Rodriguez.

    The post office said it’s been working with the property management company to resolve the issue. New boxes have been ordered and should be installed within a week.

    A spokesperson for the post office said no mail has been returned to the sender.

    But 73-year-old Gene Mitchell, who now walks more than a mile to collect his mail, said the post office could do more.

    “Let him go door to door,” he said. “It’s supposed to come to me, so let him deliver it to me.”