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OCD Project On VH1 Features Hartford Doc



    VH1 is at it again. This time, your reality TV guilty pleasure might be The OCD Project, which features a Connecticut doctor.

    The show follows Dr. David Tolin, the founder and Director of the Anxiety Disorders Center at Hartford Hospital's The Institute of Living, and six people who have been diagnosed with the most severe forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  

    "OCD is not a minor personality quirk,"  Dr. Tolin said. "This is a very severe mental illness. It can destroy lives and rip apart families."

    In the show, the group, under the watchful eye of Dr. Tolin, moves into a house for three weeks to undergo the grueling treatment process known as Exposure and Response Prevention. 

    According to VH1, the treatment is founded on the principle that OCD can be conquered through repeated and prolonged exposure to feared situations, activities or thoughts.

    On the trailer for the show, Dr. Tolin warns that some people will view the Exposure and Response Prevention approach as severe and horrifying.  For example, the mother who believes her son will get cancer must perform a funeral and eulogy for her son. 

    In another example from the show, a woman who washes her hands for hours a day won't be able to shower or touch any water for three days.

    "The results were really good in the program," the anxiety disorder expert said. "Not everyone got better. Not everyone got all the way better but most of the people got most of the way better."

    The OCD Project is set to premiere on Thursday, May 27 at 10 p.m on VH1.