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Orphaned Bridgeport Kids to Start New Life in Kosovo



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    Four children, orphaned by a gruesome murder, are heading to a new life in Kosovo.

    According to the Connecticut Post, 49-year-old Kadir Babiso, an employee at a Bridgeport gas station, stole $1,700 in cigarettes from his employer, and then, enraged at getting caught, killed his boss and Serbian refugee couple in their apartment in 2007. 

    The couple's four children, ages 3 to 10, were left orphans. With no family in America, an uncle, who speaks no English came from Serbia to temporarily care for them.

    Next week, as Babiso begins a 60-year prison term for the murders, the children will move to Kosovo, a country they've never known.

    "It would be difficult for anyone who has not been an actual crime victim to suffer any more than these children," State's Attorney John Smriga said during Babiso's sentencing hearing. "At that moment when the defendant executed their parents, they were alone in this country."

    "I tried to keep them here where they were raised, but nothing worked," the uncle said through a translator. "But I can't stay here without my wife. It is too hard caring for the kids by myself."

    Federal officials refused to allow Emini's wife to come here to help care for the kids, the Post reports. The family's numerous appeals to state legislators went unanswered.