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Overrun By Weeds: West Haven to Clean Up Veterans Walk of Honor



    West Haven Walk Dedicated to Veterans Overrun by Weeds

    Some people in West Haven are upset that a walk dedicated to veterans has become overrun by weeds.

    (Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018)

    There is a serene setting by Long Island Sound that is a place in West Haven to honor those who have served and defended our country’s freedom.

    “Even walking around here when you see the memorials you and read some of the names, you get a feel for those men and women who gave everything so that we can have a place like this,” John Boester of West Haven told NBC Connecticut Tuesday morning.

    Along the walking path by the war memorials, people purchased bricks engraved with personalized messages to pay respect to veterans.

    Monday morning on a Facebook forum, one woman from West Haven shared her displeasure with the lack of park upkeep.

    “They usually take pretty good care of it, I mean they are popping through,” Boester said of weeds he saw during his walk.

    Jill Kalici from Seymour noticed the weeds, too.

    “I’m not really happy to see that it’s been let go like,” she said. “It’s nice if they just respect it a little bit more after all they’ve been veterans.”

    NBC Connecticut called the office of West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi (D). The interim Public Works director said he has been made aware of the weeds growing through the bricks, adding the plan is to clean them up in the next day or two.

    “When a concern is brought and they respond,” Boester said, “it’s all you can ask, it’s pretty good.”

    Next time she comes back, Kalici said she hopes all the weeds will be gone.

    “I’m thrilled,” Kalici said. “I’m glad that they’re taking action of course, it should be cleaned up it would probably take a few hours and it’s not much work.”

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