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Police Issue Warning About Phone Scam in Orange



    Police Issue Warning About Phone Scam in Orange
    Associated Press

    Orange police are warning residents after an elderly citizen was scammed out of a large sum of money.

    On Tuesday, October 22, police received a complaint from a senior citizen who said that she had received a call from a party claiming to be her grandson. The person on the phone said that he was in jail and needed bail money.

    The victim was instructed to wire money to an out of state location, which she did.

    The next day, another caller called the victim, claiming to be an officer. The “officer” stated that the money never arrived and that her grandson was still jailed.

    The victim then transferred money three more times before contacting a family member.

    She lost in excess of $15,000.

    Police are urging residents to verify the identities of callers before sending any money. Residents can request the caller’s name and badge number if they claim to be an officer, then call the department to verify. Residents should also contact other family members .

    Orange Police are asking all residents, regardless of whether they lost any money, to file a report if they have been contacted in this manner. They are planning to work with other agencies across state lines to aid with their investigation.

    Anyone with information or concerns is asked to call Sgt. John Aquino at 203-891-2138.