Pilot in Fatal Crash Believed to Be Washington Resident - NBC Connecticut

Pilot in Fatal Crash Believed to Be Washington Resident



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    Bill Henningsgaard and his mother after an emergency water landing in 2009. (Courtesy of Daily Astorian)

    The plane that crashed into two homes in East Haven causing as many as 6 deaths was registered to a Washington state resident with a history of flying.

    The family of Bill Henningsgaard was informed yesterday that a plane registered to his name crashed Friday morning. Henningsgaard resides in Medina, Wa.

    According to Henningsgaard's family, Bill was on a tour of East Coast colleges with his teenage son Max. The family says that New Haven was a planned stop on their tour.

    The Henningsgaards left Washington state on Monday, spent one night in Wisconsin then headed East.

    In 2009, BIll Henningsgaard was flying with his then 84-year-old mother when an engine went out in his plane, forcing him to make an emergency  landing in the Columbia River just west of Astoria, Oregon.

    Henningsgaard and his mother were forced to walk on the planes wing and jump into the water and swim to a nearby boat for safety.

    The family is waiting for the National Transportation Safety Board and the fire Marshall to identify the remains of the deceased.