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Plaques Stolen from WW1 Monument; Who Pays?



    Plaques Stolen from WW1 Monument; Who Pays?

    There’s outrage all over New Britain, after thousands of dollars’ worth of bronze material was stolen from Walnut Hill Park.

    “It’s disgusting. I can’t believe somebody would actually do that,” said David Radil.

    “It’s awful that somebody would come and steal these things,” said Faaria Vahidy.

    The World War I monument at Walnut Hill Park is missing four plaques and 100 bronze knobs. New Britain leaders said they were taken recently.

    The theft has angered many; the monument is considered somewhat sacred.

    “The plaques have the name of these WWI veterans who gave their lives,” said Bob Pleines, New Britain Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

    To Pleines, the area also holds personal meaning.

    “My wife and I actually got married there nine years ago.”

    The question now is, how much will it cost to restore what was stolen, and who pays for it?
    City officials said the stolen material is worth about $20,000.

    Pleines said he’ll do what he can so taxpayers don’t have to foot the bill.

    “I have offered my services to spearhead a private fundraising effort from businesses and private individuals,” said Pleines.

    The city of New Britain is also offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

    “I hope it works. I hope somebody gets caught. Somebody’s got to pay for it,” said David Radil.