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Charges Reduced in Madison Teen Assault Case



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    Teen boys plea to lesser charges in Madison sex crime case.

    Four boys accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl during a house party in Madison while others took photos were sentenced on reduced charges on Wednesday.

    Four of five youths accused in the assault were in court on Wednesday, the New Haven Register reports.

    The victim, who is now 14, and her family are not allowed to talk about the case, but have said the assault happened at a New Year’s Eve party to which all the teens were invited. Police did not confirm that the assault happened at a party.

    The Register reports that the pictures were then circulated around Walter C. Polson Middle School.

    The five boys were originally charged with first-degree sexual assault, first-degree conspiracy to commit sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Because this is a juvenile case, a lot of information is being withheld, including what the lesser charges entail.

    The prosecution said that the court tries to focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

    The fifth teen’s case is scheduled to be heard at a later time.

    The girl and her family were not happy with the proposed charges.

    “I didn’t think that it was enough because they kind of take it as a joke,” she told the paper Wednesday. “They post stuff on Facebook and they laugh about it. It was upsetting that they didn’t think that they did anything really bad and thought they should get off with a lesser punishment, and I don’t agree.”