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Cromwell Man Dragged Middletown Detective: Police



    Cromwell Man Dragged Middletown Detective: Police
    Middletown Police Department
    Joseph Patrick Nevico is charged in an incident in which police say he dragged a police officer.

    A Cromwell driver who is accused of dragging a Middletown police officer from his car last night is going through detox, his attorney said during a court appearance, and asked that his client receive medical treatment while he is in prison.

    Joseph Nevico, 23, is being held in police custody on a $500,000 bond. He held his head down and cried during his appearance in court on Wednesday.

    Nevico is accused of dragging an officer while he was trying to evade a motor vehicle stop late Tuesday night, police said.

    He faces multiple charges, including interfering with a police officer after the incident that closed Grand Street between Pearl Street and Lincoln Avenue before 11 p.m. as police investigated.

    Middletown narcotics detectives were initially trying to pull over a silver Acura for motor vehicle violations. The vehicle didn't have its front license plate correctly displayed and that the detectives witnessed the driver, Nevico, back up illegally against traffic on Columbus Street and then turned onto Prospect Street, police said in the affidavit.

    Police signaled for him to pull over when they reached the High Street intersection on Grand Street. Nevico didn't pull over right away but stopped his car near 85 Grand St. He refused to get out of the car and started to put his car back into gear, police said in a news release.

    He struggled with a detective who tried to stop him and sped up through the Pearl Street intersection, dragging the officer who was still partially in the car, according to police. The detective tried to gain control of the car as his feet dragged on the pavement, but he could not. The detective was able to swing his full body into the car, the other detective said in the affidavit.

    When the car came to an abrupt stop just east of the Pearl Street intersection, the detective got out of the vehicle and tried to pull Nevico from the car, but Nevico sped forward with the detective still hanging out of the vehicle, according to police.

    Another detective who saw his colleague being dragged got into his car and chased the Acura, but  Nevico led him in a pursuit, police said. The detective said in the affidavit that his partner "would have surely been caught under the tires and run over by Nevico" if he fell from the car.

    Meanwhile, the detective Nevico's Acura was dragging tried again to stop the car. The Acura crashed into two parked cars on Grand Street. He was able to pull himself into Nevico's car just before the collisions.

    "The detective was narrowly able to close the driver's side door and avoid being crushed," police said.

    Another officer positioned his cruiser to stop Nevico, who crashed into the police cruiser, causing minor damage.

    The detective who was dragged and Nevico had minor injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. They have since been released.

    One of the parked cars sustained minor damage when the Acura's driver's side door struck it.

    Police have not released information on the detectives and police officer involved. Middletown's traffic and street crime units continue to investigate.

    Middletown police charged Nevico with interfering with an officer, engaging in a pursuit, assault on a police officer, first-degree criminal attempt at assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, traveling too fast, failure to display a front marker plate, unsafe backing, failure to obey an officer's signal, and failure to obey a stop sign.

    Nevico is a convicted felon who has been arrested in the past on charges of narcotics and drug paraphernalia possession, interfering with police, running from police, breach of peace, probation violation, reckless driving and failure to appear in court, according to a State Police records search.

    Nevico is next due in court on July 29.