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Police Investigate String of Burglaries at Quinnipiac University



    Police Investigate String of Burglaries at Quinnipiac University
    Hamden police are investigating a string of burglaries at Quinnipiac University student dorms.

    Police are investigating three burglaries and one attempted burglary at Quinnipiac University's Mount Carmel campus in Hamden.

    The incidents happened during early-morning hours of Sunday, Oct. 13 at the Village residence halls, police said.

    According to police, the suspects targeted ground-floor on-campus suites. No students were injured and no arrests have been made.

    Police said one burglar cut out a window screen and climbed in through the opening. Two female students were sleeping in their bedrooms upstairs at the time of the incident.

    After the second burglary, three female students reported hearing a noise coming from downstairs. When they went to investigate, they saw an open window with a missing screen and a man running away.

    A third burglary happened at the ground-floor dorm of two male students, who were upstairs in their bedrooms at the time of the incident.

    Police said two laptops were taken from one suite and an Xbox was stolen from another.

    Police are also investigating an attempted burglary during which an individual tried to force his or her way into a student residence.

    Students said the incidents made them nervous – that they might expect something like this to happen off campus, but not at the residence halls.

    "I graduated in 2008 and it's always been a safe school... I don't know how they could have possible gotten onto campus," said former student Veronica Fiore.

    Hamden police are actively investigating. Anyone with information is asked to contact Hamden police at 203-230-4040.