Police Issue ATM Skimming Warning - NBC Connecticut

Police Issue ATM Skimming Warning



    Local police departments are warning bank customers about thieves using tiny cameras to steal pin numbers. Since December, 9 cases were reported across Wallingford, Norwich, Stamford and Greenwich.  Police told NBC Connecticut the crooks would eventually hit the entire state.

    ATM’s across Connecticut have been a target for thieves during the last few years. “Yes, I do worry about it,” said Correy Saunders. 

    Many have started to use caution to get their cash. “I’m always looking around,” added Sue Gleacher.  Some didn’t realize crooks had begun to plant cameras to steal money.

    “It is concerning and everyone should be concerned,” explained Lt. James Perez with Fairfield Police.
    Lt. Perez showed NBC Connecticut pictures of those tiny cameras.  He said they were often glued on to the ATM or brochure boxes a few feet away.  The thieves aimed them right at the keypad. “Sometimes it’s so small you won’t even know it’s there,” Lt. Perez added.
    The crooks have recorded people type in their pin. They also put up a fake card reader to steal private information from the debit account.  That way they had everything they needed to access the cash. “I think that’s the scariest thing in the world, just to imagine something like that going on,” said Correy Saunders.
    Police said all the recent cases were reported in the southern part of the state, but told NBC Connecticut it was only a matter of time before the crooks moved north. “It will move up to Hartford County, and eventually the entire state will be permeated with the thieves,” Lt. Perez explained. 
    He said everyone at ATM’s needed to shield their passcodes. “One good trick to do is cover one hand with the other hand and  that would prevent any cameras from being able to see,” said Lt. Perez.  He also wanted the public to look for signs of tampering. “You will always be able to see the glue and the double sided tape,” Lt. Perez added. 
    Lt. Perez also told NBC Connecticut using the ATM’s at the actual banks would be a safer means of getting cash.  He said that would help keep money out of the wrong hands.