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Police Identify Man Who Died After New Britain Standoff



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    Police are responding to the report of a barricaded suspect at the corner of Broad Street and Horace Street in New Britain.

    Police have identified the man who died after a tense hours-long police standoff at a New Britain apartment on Monday night.

    The man has been identified as Seth Victor, 40, of 141 Broad Street in New Britain.

    Victor was shot with a Taser after resisting officers at the end of the standoff. Police said he experienced a medical emergency shortly thereafter and was declared dead at the hospital.

    The chief medical examiner is still working to determine the cause of death.

    The standoff began around 6:45 p.m. Monday, and Victor was pronounced dead at 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

    Police responded after receiving the report of a disturbance at a third-floor apartment at 141 Broad Street in New Britain. The situation escalated after officers arrived.

    “They encountered a male individual on the third floor being disruptive, hollering, throwing objects out of the window,” said state police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance.

    Witnesses said Victor threw a piano, a lamp and several other objects from the apartment window and threatened to jump if police entered the building.

    “We see the guy outside the window, throwing stuff at police — candles, keyboards, TVs,”  said witness Matt Laczynski.

    A SWAT team responded, along with a K-9 unit and dozens of officers. Police also blocked off a portion of Broad Street to keep people away as the situation unfolded.

    Around 9:30 p.m., police entered the man’s apartment and unsuccessfully tried getting him to surrender.

    Lt. Vance said Victor tried fighting officers, and that’s when one fired a stun gun.

    “They got him under control," said Vance. "As they were taking him down to the first floor of the apartment building, the subject appeared to have difficulty breathing."

    Victor was transported to New Britain Hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 2 a.m. The medical examiner’s office is still working to determine his cause of death.

    The officer who fired the stun gun he has been placed on administrative duty, pending the outcome of this investigation, which is protocol.

    State police are investigating with assistance from New Britain police and the States Attorney's Office.

    On Tuesday, the Connecticut chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union called for increased Taser regulation, claiming that Tasers have been linked to heart attacks and that they're not being properly used.

    The ACLU cited 12 other Taser-related deaths that have occurred around the state since 2005, three of which happened in New Britain.

    Authorities have not said whether Victor's death was related to Taser use.