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Shots Fired at New Haven Market

Two shots were fired into the ceiling, according to reports.



    Shots Fired at New Haven Market

    Robbers fired a shot into the ceiling of Cerda's Market, at 209 Shelton Ave., on Monday afternoon and stole cigars, cigarettes and about $300, according to police and the store manager.

    Police said they were responding just before 1:30 p.m., and they received a call that the panic alarm also went off, police said.

    No one was injured.

    The store manager said robberies have happened at the store, but usually at night rather than in the afternoon.

    Police are looking for two men wearing dark clothing.

    After the robbery, shots rang out piercing the back of a car passing near the store.  The other bullets missed an NBC Connecticut crew sitting inside a marked van.

    No one was hurt.  The shooter fired at least four rounds from Shelton Ave. and Thompson St., about a block from the store, and ran off.

    Police later recovered a gun and shell casings.