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Crooks Steal ATM from Glastonbury Bank



    Property owner reacts to the theft of a TD Bank ATM from a lot that he owns. (Published Friday, March 15, 2013)

    Glastonbury Police are looking for the crooks who stole an ATM from a bank on Sunday morning.

    According to investigators, the ATM was yanked from the back of TD Bank on Hebron Avenue. It had since been replaced.

    “It's a little violating, I would say,” said Steve Harrington, who owns the property. 

    The culprits showed up at the bank at 1 a.m.on  Sunday, when no one was around. 

    “You would like to think you live in a nice town and that kind of stuff doesn’t happen,” Harrington said.

    Authorities said the group had a plan. 

    They stole a pay loader from a construction site nearby and used it to pry the machine away from the wall, police said.

    The crooks then hauled it off in a dump truck that was stolen from a nearby business owner, who happens to be friend of Steve Harrington’s. 

    “You think, 'God, what do I gotta do to protect my stuff from being stolen?'” Harrington said.

    Police found the ATM at a landfill in Hartford the next day and said the thieves used some heavy equipment at the site to smash it open and steal the cash.

    “I don’t know how much money they got away with, but I hope it was worth it,” Harrington said. 

    Surveillance cameras by the bank caught the crime.  On Thursday it was a matter of figuring out who was responsible.

    “The evidence is mounting against them. I think they would be wise to fess up and turn themselves in,” Harrington said.

    If you have any information about the incident or saw anything suspicious on Hebron Avenue early Sunday morning, call Glastonbury Police at 860-633-8301.