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Powerball Winner Said She Dreamed the Numbers



    Powerball Winner Said She Dreamed the Numbers
    Thursday, November 29th, 2012

    A Connecticut woman who won $2 million in the record-setting Powerball on Wednesday said the numbers she played came to her in a dream about her deceased father.

    Maria Forgione, of Northford, said she had a dream on Tuesday in which her departed father held up a sign with five numbers. When she woke up, she remembered the numbers. 

    On Wednesday night, her husband, Al, went to Northford Patco Handy Stop and bought one Powerball ticket. He played the numbers from the dream and added Power Play, using $2 he won on an instant game and four quarters.

    When the numbers were drawn, Forgione watched as the numbers were picked. They matched 5, 16, 22, 23 and 29, but missed the Powerball, which was number, 6. 

    “I saw the numbers and immediately knew they were a match,” Maria told Lottery officials. “I woke up Al and told him we had five numbers, but he didn’t believe me. So, we went to the lottery’s website (ctlottery.org) to check. I thought we won $150. When we realized we actually won $2 million, we couldn’t believe it.”

    The Forgiones arrived at Connecticut Lottery headquarters late Thursday afternoon to claim $1,366,001 after takes.

    “This is a tremendous help,” Maria said. “We’ll be able to pay off some bills, help our family, do something a little fun…and put a lot away for a rainy day.”

    Northford Patco Handy Stop, at 1371 Middletown Avenue in Northford, will receive a $2,000 bonus check from the Connecticut Lottery.

    NBC Connecticut called the phone number listed for Forgione but the number is not in service. 

    The state took in $9.6 million from Powerball ticket sales, which will go to the General Fund.