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Quinnipiac Students Roll Up Sleeves for "Big Event"



    Quinnipiac Students Roll Up Sleeves for "Big Event"
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    More than 1,000 Quinnipiac University students rolled up their sleeves Saturday, for a day of community service.

    The students’ community service was part of a nationwide effort  for universities across the country, called The Big Event.
    Dozens of those students concentrated on Sleeping Giant State Park; known for its hiking trails and beautiful scenery, the park is an oasis for those in the greater New Haven area, but the slew of storms this winter left it in disarray.
    “We’re just going to be walking around, getting our exercise today while cleaning up trash,” said Kathia Fonseca, a freshman at Quinnipiac.
    “Somebody has to care, or…it’s never going to get done,” said Quinnipiac freshman, Ashley Castro.
    The hundreds of other student volunteers who weren’t at the park were bused to different areas across Connecticut, like Branford, Cheshire, Milford, Wallingford, and Waterbury. Some went to senior centers, others collected canned goods for shelters across the state.
    “We have over 1,500 students go out,” said Keelin Walsh, a senior at Quinnipiac and one of the event organizers.
    “We like to show the community how we like to give back. The community does so much for Quinnipiac University.”
    The students’ volunteer work is welcome news to the community, especially those like Hope Metcalf, who visit areas like Sleeping Giant State Park and want it to stay clean and beautiful.
    “It’s really nice. We love to come here with our dog. We appreciate it.”
    This was Quinnipiac University’s 4th time participating in the annual event. The tradition began 31 years ago, at Texas A&M University.