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Records Reveal Grandmother’s Troubles



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    Debra Denison

    Debra Denison, a 47-year-old grandmother who state police said shot and killed her young grandsons last night, had a son serving jail time for murder, according to officials, and town records indicate she was having financial problems.

    Denison pick her grandsons, Alton, 2, and 6-month-old Ashton Perry, up at daycare around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday to bring them home for Alton’s birthday party.

    Seven hours later, their bodies were found in a car at a lake in Preston.

    Police said Denison shot and killed the little boys, then killed herself.

    Officials said on Wednesday afternoon that Denison was the mother of Christopher Allen, who is serving a 32-year sentence for the murder and stabbing death of Kyle Sheets on a boat in Mystic in 2008.

    There are also town records of Denison’s financial troubles.

    Liens were placed for $5,925.96 in state income tax owed as of January 2013, for several debts owed to William W. Backus Hospital, including $2998.23 in January 2012, $450 in February 2011 and $664.60 in August 2005 and $668.00 to Connecticut Behavioral Health ASC in July 2007.