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Recount of Bridgeport Votes Begins Today



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    Trying to set the voting record straight in Bridgeport.

    The mystery surrounding ballots cast for governor in Bridgeport might officially come to a rest.

    The Connecticut Post plans to begin a full and open recount on Monday of the votes from the Nov. 2 general election. This recount would serve as the first audit of the city's disputed voting totals.

    Luther Weeks, executive director of the Connecticut Citizen Election Audit Coalition, said the recount will take as long as necessary, but will probably end this week.  About 30 to 40 volunteers are helping and Weeks hopes to have a few more.

    The city's handing of Election Day has attracted widespread criticism. 

    "We think the people of Bridgeport -- and Connecticut -- deserve a clear accounting of the city's vote for governor on November 2nd," Tom Baden, the Post's editor, said.  "We've asked the voter registrars and the city's attorney's office, under the provisions of the state's Freedom of Information law, to make all ballots available to us for an impartial and open recount."

    A full recount could answer questions, including how many total photocopied ballots were cast and from which polling station they came and just how accurate the final report was.

    Election Day problems started on Nov. 2 when most of the city's 25 polling stations ran out of ballots. 

    The city only ordered 21,000 paper ballots for Bridgeport's almost 70,000 registered voters.

    Dan Malloy was ultimately declared the winner and will be sworn in on Jan. 5. Malloy has also launched a transition Web site.