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Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued from Tree in Wallingford



    Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued from Tree in Wallingford
    Ned Hurle
    Todd Secki, cofounder of A Place Called Home, rescued a red-tailed hawk stuck in a tree and is releasing it back into the wild on Monday.

    A male red-tailed hawk rescued last Thursday afternoon from a tree near Wallingford Executive Kia will go home Monday evening.

    Connecticut bird rescue A Place Called Hope, the non-profit organization that rescued and nurtured the adult hawk back to health, will release the bird into the wild at 6 p.m.

    Todd Secki, co-founder of A Place Called Hope, used an "ascension climbing system" to rescue the hawk stuck about 50 feet up in the tree, according to an email from the organization. The hawk's legs got caught in "the crack of a dead trunk section of the tree" and dangled over North Colony Road during a period of busy traffic, according to the statement.

    The hawk had minor abrasions when Secki recovered the bird.

    "His injuries are minor and he's ready to go home," the organization said in the statement.

    The Kia dealership's service center called A Place Called Hope  for help because the group specializes in "rescuing, re-nesting, rehabilitation and education" of Connecticut's birds of prey.