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Residents Receive Letter About Tweed Airport Noise



    Residents Receive Letter About Tweed Airport Noise
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    Lisa Ventura McHugh has been in her Morris Cove house across from Tweed New Haven Airport for 19 years.

    “When I bought this it was a little hub, you know, and it was wonderful. It was very quiet, it was very quaint. Now it's just too much,” said Ventura McHugh.

    She says as the airport has expanded, the noise has become terrible.

    “We can't even open our windows anymore. The seal in my front window is gone because of the vibration. They actually sit and idle right here in front of my living room,” said Ventura McHugh.

    Ventura McHugh says she's in the noise zone and was one of the people who received a letter from Tweed about possible noise mitigation.

    “Over 65 decibels, it really creates some health problems, we want to go through every house, make a determination how we can do remediation in those areas that we know the noise is louder than that,” said New Haven Mayor Toni Harp.

    According to the letter, an engineer will be hired " determine eligibility for noise mitigation improvements such as insulation, air conditioning, or new windows and doors." Those would be paid for by a federal grant. Neighbor Anthony Lauria says he already made improvements himself.

    “Maybe about six years ago we replaced our windows. We still hear the jets,” said Lauria.

    However, he and other neighbors are hoping even more can be done.

    “They're going to come and do a noise test. So, we'll wait, we'll see what happens,” said Lauria.

    Mayor Toni Harp also says that there are four or five homes that could be sold to the City if the residents don’t want to deal with the noise any longer.